Putin’s attack on Khodorkovsky not an attack on the Rothschilds

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After the fall of the Soviet Union, Russia’s leaders handed over the wealth of the Soviet state to a number of oligarchs. One of these oligarchs was Mikhail Khodorkovsky, who became the owner of Yukos oil. In 2003, Putin charged Khodorkovsky with tax evasion and sent him to prison in Siberia.

Due to the fact that Khodorkovsky is Jewish and that he has business connections to Jacob Rothschild, many online media sites saw Khodorkovsky’s imprisonment as a direct attack on the Rothschild family. What these bloggers fail to realize is that well before his imprisonment, Khodorkovsky made a deal with Jacob Rothschild which guaranteed the transfer of Khodorkovsky’s Yukos shares to Rothschild should Khodorkovsky ever be imprisoned in Russia. In the end, the Rothschilds took control of Khodorkovsky’s Yukos shares and maintained a significant ownership in the company even as it was auctioned off to Gazprom; which is currently majority owned by the Russian government.

While Khodorkovsky may be Jewish, he was never untouchable. Ultimately, it is not a Jewish connection which protects many of the Russian oligarchs but some other sort of connection which supersedes all religious and ethnic backgrounds. We believe this connection is high level Freemasonry.

Putin Begs Western Backed United Nations for Arctic Drilling Rights

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As many of you are well aware, the United Nations is a construct of the Rockefeller family. The UN power base has always been the Western Anglo banking families such as the Rockefellers, Rothschilds, Warburgs, and Wallenbergs.

Assuming the rumors of Russian sanctions are true, Why is Putin begging the UN for permission to drill in the Arctic?

Why doesn’t he just drill and ask questions later?

Is it standard procedure to ask permission from someone you are supposedly at war with?

Putin wants P2 Freemason Berlusconi for new Russian Economic Minister

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High level Freemason, Silvio Berlusconi has been spending his vacation with none other than his close friend and confidant, Vladimir Putin. If Putin’s close friendship with Nat Rothschild didn’t raise some eyebrows, this notorious friendship is likely to stun the pro-Putin camp. It has been publicly admitted that Berlusconi was a ranking member of the Freemason lodge, Propaganda due (aka P2) when Freemason worshipful master, Licio Gelli was at the helm of Banco Ambrosiano. Banco Ambrosiano was tied to the Vatican bank, and was heavily involved in a multitude of scandals including illegal kickback schemes, and funding socialist revolutions in countries like Argentina. The P2 Freemasons were also involved in the Bologna Massacre, joint Gladio operations with partners in the CIA, media control, and a plan to rewrite the Italian Constitution in favor of the P2 Masons.

It is no surprise to us that Putin would spend his leisure time with Berlusconi, a man convicted of tax fraud, who also took part in “Bunga Bunga” child prostitution parties. Not only do Berlusconi and Putin vacation together, but Putin offered Berlusconi Russian citizenship and a position as the new Russian Economic minister. Seeing as how Berlusconi used his Freemason connections to avoid even a single day of jail time in a four year sentence, it is not yet clear if Berlusconi will be compelled to flee to Russia and accept such a gracious offer.

UK’s Baron Browne to lead Russian oil venture….despite “sanctions”

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On Feb 28th, 2015, Lord John Browne (former CEO of Rockefeller owned BP) announced he was joining forces with Council on Foreign Relations member, Mikhail Fridman. Together, they plan on circumventing the so called “sanctions” against Russia, and will utilize secret agreements with the British government which will allow LetterOne energy (Russian) to operate within the UK and at various locations throughout the west. Look out Lord Mandelson, you aren’t the only British royal with a foothold on Russian soil.

New World Order oil deals continue despite sanctions

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In recent news, the world’s largest oilfield services company, Schlumberger Limited agreed to purchase a 45.6 percent stake in Eurasia Drilling Co. Ltd.  Eurasia Drilling is a Russian oil company based on the mainland. Why would American based Schlumberger risk a 1.7 billion purchase in a country that America is supposedly in a new cold war with? Maybe because the entire new “cold war” is fake. The New World Order conspiracy may be deeper and larger than anyone ever imagined. There is a 99.9% chance that the entire Ukraine situation was a joint operation between Russia and the West. Are we witnessing the old strategy of agitation? What will be the outcome? Rest assured, Putin will end up living in a New World Order funded mansion, just like his Luciferian friend Gorbachev.

The old Rockefeller shell game

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After the Rockefellers split up Standard Oil in order to hide their oil monopoly, they retained majority ownership in all of the “new” companies. The Rockefellers own the controlling stake in companies such as Exxon, Marathon, Conoco Phillips, Chevron, and BP (Amoco). The Rockefellers constantly juggle oil assets between these family owned oil companies. They often use this scheme in order to hide bad publicity and circumvent regulation. Although BP is headquartered in London, it is a Rockefeller company.

As the Rockefellers and Putin work hand in hand to usher in their world dictatorship, a ruse was necessary in order to convince the world that Putin was at odds with the West. This simple trick placed alleged sanctions on Exxon. However, behind the scenes, David Rockefeller Jr. and Putin devised a secret plan to continue pumping oil in a joint operation. This plan involved replacing Exxon rigs with Rockefeller owned BP rigs and continuing to pump oil in a joint deal with Russian state owned Rosneft.

Only a fucking moron would support Putin.

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We tried to warn many freedom activists about Putin and his connections to the globalist banking mafia run by the Rothschild and Rockefeller families. We were ridiculed and laughed at for telling the truth. Now, Putin has come forward with his new solution for the world…a “New World Order.” In the end, this KGB “mad man” has been working with the banksters all along. Even Russian government run RT news is pumping Putin’s new call for a world dictatorship!

25 Points of Specific Concern in the NIST WTC Reports

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By AE_Forms@ae911truth.org (Tony Szamboti) The End of the Road for NIST
By Tony Szamboti
Editor’s Note: In recent years, various members of the AE911Truth team have been working on a white paper titled “Areas of Specific Concern in the NIST WTC Reports.” Last month they finally completed the document. Its 25 concise points offer the most convincing proof that the reports produced by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) on the September 11, 2001, destruction of the three World Trade Center buildings were unscientific and fraudulent. The authors of “The 25 Points” designed the document to provide material that would compel the convening of a grand jury. Whether or not a grand jury is ever impaneled in any jurisdiction, though, readers of this white paper have the duty and privilege of acting as a virtual grand jury in all jurisdictions. After weighing the evidence meticulously laid out in “The 25 Points,” readers can, by their resulting actions, help determine whether there will one day be a new, fully funded, truly independent, wholly transparent, and unimpeachably honest investigation of 9/11.
Areas of Specific Concern in the NIST WTC Reports

Below is a series of twenty-five provable points which clearly demonstrate that the reports produced by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) on the destruction of the World Trade Center (WTC) were unscientific and fraudulent. Therefore NIST itself – including its lead authors, Shyam Sunder and John Gross – should be investigated.
Table of Contents







Source:: ae911truth.org

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